Trendy Tuesday

My favorite trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of this week (maybe because it was finals week on campus) is these turban head-wraps and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED. I am so obsessed in fact that I couldn’t wait to go out and buy one so I made one myself out of an old purple chiffon dress. They are so cute! I have yet to wear mine out in public but I highly suggest that everyone jump on the bandwagon because these dang things are so cute (my boyfriend always tells me I say cute too much)! Below I’ve attached a gallery for you to check some out. If you click on the picture it will link you to the place where you can buy the headband (not all of them are available for purchase but I had to share).

If you rock this trend please share pictures! I’m dying to see the different ways that they can be worn.

All the headbands below are fromĀ ThreeBirdNest, an etsy store. CHECK THEM OUT. I am obsessed with their turbans and will be ordering one very shortly.

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