Trendy Tuesday

So I’ve decided to start another new blog post tradition. Every Tuesday (ok, maybe not ever Tuesday because I’m lazy) I’m going to post a popular clothing/beauty/etc. trend that I love (maybe I’ll even do some I don’t love).

This Tuesday’s trend is: Palazzo Pants

I can’t even begin to explain how obsessed I am with Palazzo Pants. I bought my first pair a while back before they became super trendy and I’ve been addicted since (I have to brag because I’m usually the last one aboard the trend train, the curse of being a Nancy R. in a world full of high waisted distressed jean shorts and crop tops). I’m so excited to finally see them popping up around in more stores. Not only are they comfortable but they are such a great way to dress up a boring tank top and flats. I wear them to class, I wear them to work, I wear them to the bar. I’m palazzo for Palazzo Pants. My favorite thing about them is that they work for my body type. I am built like a pencil, skinny as a rail but absent of any curves, I will praise God for my long legs though. For me, they accentuate my tiny waist and long legs, work with what you’ve got, ya know.

Below are some I absolutely adore.



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