Trendy Tuesday

My favorite trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of this week (maybe because it was finals week on campus) is these turban head-wraps and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED. I am so obsessed in fact that I couldn’t wait to go out and buy one so I made one myself out of an old purple chiffon dress. They are so cute! I have yet to wear mine out in public but I highly suggest that everyone jump on the bandwagon because these dang things are so cute (my boyfriend always tells me I say cute too much)! Below I’ve attached a gallery for you to check some out. If you click on the picture it will link you to the place where you can buy the headband (not all of them are available for purchase but I had to share).

If you rock this trend please share pictures! I’m dying to see the different ways that they can be worn.

All the headbands below are from ThreeBirdNest, an etsy store. CHECK THEM OUT. I am obsessed with their turbans and will be ordering one very shortly.

Why do we love the guys we can’t have?

So, I’m sitting here watching the season finale of the Bachelorette which basically consists of this amazing girl putting her heart back together after being left by the man she believed she was in love with. While watching this beyond depressing episode, I’m pondering the reason why we as girls always want the guy we can’t have.

Throughout the season Desiree questioned Brooks intentions and feelings for her. The other finalists made it clear they were head over heels yet she continued to pursue Brooks. Why do we do this? Is it that we really love them or are they the most fun game?

I feel like it is in our nature to be caught up in the chase of an unobtainable guy. We torture ourselves when they don’t want us but never stop to look at why we want them.

I’ve been guilty of this epidemic. I’ve constantly spent my life chasing the guys who could never fully give their hearts to me until I finally realized why I was chasing them. It wasn’t because they were my soulmate or my one true love, but because they were the most difficult game. Chasing the unobtainable guy, in my case usually the baddest boy, gives the ultimate rush (What we don’t realize is the higher the rush, the further the fall).

I feel like we as girls need to learn how to be chased. We are so willing to give our hearts out to someone who is unworthy instead of waiting for the right man (emphasis on man) who will prove to us that he is deserving of our hearts.

Don’t put a guy on a pedestal who doesn’t deserve to be there, wait for the guy who will climb up on that pedestal and hoist you right on up there with him.

DISCLAIMER: I do not think Brooks is a bad guy in any way, shape, or form. I think he got swept up in everything and really hoped she was the one for him. He was my favorite throughout most of the show.


How To Contour Your Nose

So I have always had issues with my nose and have seldom been able to accurately contour it. I have a TERRIBLE nose (thank you Russian geneology), but I finally found a video that gives different options for contouring your nose depending on its shape and size. I HIGHLY suggest you check out this tutorial. The tutorial is by Wayne Goss, one of my personal favorite youtube “tutorialists.” Pop around and check out some of his other videos as well!

Make-up Maniac Monday

makeup3For anyone who knows me I have a serious make up obsession. I am always on Pinterest looking up new make up trends, which I seldom try, and admiring the artistic flip of winged liner which I will never be able to achieve.

My favorite trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently is a dramatic eye and nude lip. Have you tried this trend? Let me know how it worked out for you!

….. I’m addicted to my Clinque Chubby Stick and can’t bring myself to leave the house without it on my lips.

Check out the gallery below for ways to wear these gorgeous nude lips.

Trendy Tuesday

So I’ve decided to start another new blog post tradition. Every Tuesday (ok, maybe not ever Tuesday because I’m lazy) I’m going to post a popular clothing/beauty/etc. trend that I love (maybe I’ll even do some I don’t love).

This Tuesday’s trend is: Palazzo Pants

I can’t even begin to explain how obsessed I am with Palazzo Pants. I bought my first pair a while back before they became super trendy and I’ve been addicted since (I have to brag because I’m usually the last one aboard the trend train, the curse of being a Nancy R. in a world full of high waisted distressed jean shorts and crop tops). I’m so excited to finally see them popping up around in more stores. Not only are they comfortable but they are such a great way to dress up a boring tank top and flats. I wear them to class, I wear them to work, I wear them to the bar. I’m palazzo for Palazzo Pants. My favorite thing about them is that they work for my body type. I am built like a pencil, skinny as a rail but absent of any curves, I will praise God for my long legs though. For me, they accentuate my tiny waist and long legs, work with what you’ve got, ya know.

Below are some I absolutely adore.



Miss Jealousy

It is no secret in my relationship that I am the queen of jealousy. I can literally go from sweetheart to green with envy in three seconds flat. But.. why? Why do we as women constantly have to question our faithful boyfriends. Sure, occasionally he’s given me one or two reasons to keep an extra eye on him but never have I had to really worry about being cheated on. Is it my own insecurities that turn me from Cinderella to Shrek or are we as women just wired to be out of our minds? Maybe it’s the modern age and the effect of social media on our relationships. I can’t even begin to list all the fights that have occurred in my relationship over something that was said on facebook. I feel like social media makes cheating so much easier and in doing so makes us girls so much more insecure. How do we trust our men when we know we have no reason to distrust them? Is there a way to just swallow this ugly jealous demon inside me?


-A girl fighting her ugly green monster